What are respiratory diseases?

Respiratory diseases are kind of diseases that can affect respiration in living organisms. Known as the prime organs, the lungs are responsible for carrying out the exchange of gases as we breathe. After collecting oxygen from the lungs, red blood cells carry it through the body to where it is needed. They also collect carbon dioxide from the body’s cells and bring it back to the lungs. Your body needs oxygen to sustain itself. Respiratory diseases seem to have been some of the most commonly reported medical health problems in the world.

Millions of people living with different kinds of lung diseases and the common triggers are genetic problems, smoking, and infections. If left untreated, Respiratory diseases can cause health complications, problematic symptoms, and life-threatening diseases.

The three major types of Respiratory diseases are airway diseases, lung tissue diseases, and lung circulation diseases. Airway diseases can impact on the tubes that transport oxygen and other gases into and out of the lungs. Airway diseases cause the blocking of the passageways. Lung tissue diseases can impact the structure of the lung tissue and leads to scarring or inflammation of the lung tissue. Lung circulation diseases arise when the blood vessels in the lungs become clotted, scarred, or inflamed. Lung circulation diseases can impact the ability of the lungs to receive oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, and they are likely to affect the functioning of the heart.

Symptoms of Respiratory Diseases

Blood with cough
Breathing problems like wheezing or shortness of breath
Continuous cough
Tightness or discomfort in the chest area
Throat pain due to soreness and inflammation may trigger the change in your voice

Causes of Respiratory Diseases

Presence of fungal, viral and bacterial infections
Weak immune system
Harmful climatic conditions and intolerable air pollution
Immoderate exposure to smoke and other toxic materials
Unseemly development of lungs during childhood/before birth

Ayurvedic treatment for Respiratory Diseases

This therapy is used for eliminating excess Kapha dosha from the body. Excess kapha dosha can trigger certain types of diseases like Cold, Cough etc. Eliminating increased Kapha Dosha helps in curing your disease. In this treatment a special medicated drink is given to the patient that induces the emesis. Vitiated dosha is removed through the upper gastrointestinal tract.
Being a medicated purification therapy, Virechana can cleanse your body from excess Pitta accumulation. Since the treatment mainly focuses on the toxins accumulated in the liver and gallbladder, it can cleanse the gastrointestinal tract thoroughly. Virechana is performed by consuming ayurvedic and herbal medicine that destroys the doshas and toxins from the body and brings them to the abdomen.
This therapy eliminates body toxins and accumulated doshas by introducing medicated oils through anus, urethra or vaginal canal. Vasti is known as an important therapy in Ayurveda.
This treatment promotes nasal administration of medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils. Nasya can eliminate accumulated toxins from head and neck region.
This is a blood cleansing and purification therapy. Raktamokshan is an inevitable part of Panchakarma healing treatments. It is considered as the primary process of detoxification.

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